My Bout with Spiritual Warfare 

I began writing this post over a week ago and the post turned into a novel. So to keep my ADD readers from going AWOL and to practice the art of brevity I’ll keep that post to myself and label it as a few diary entries during Holy Week.
To those who are unbelieving, this sequence would simply seem like a coincidental occurrence of bad events. I see it as Spiritual Warfare. What is it? The devil on attack. Yes, I said the devil.
Many cringe at the very sound of his name, but he is real and God is his number one enemy. God could crush him in one tiny wisp of a breath, but he doesn’t. Why? Because he is leaving that battle up to us. He wants us to choose between good and evil. He wants us, mere human beings, to defeat him.
The devil’s favorite time to pounce is usually right before or during a very spiritual period, in which you are receiving many graces from God. For myself and for my family that time was most definitely during Holy Week, but it is also now, and forever. We are a family of continual conversion, therefore, our Spiritual Warfare will go on and on.
To update you, my husband completed his RCIA and received full communion (Baptism, Confirmation, and First Communion) into the Catholic Church on Easter Vigil Saturday.
It’s a big deal and the devil knew it!
He was about to lose another soul and he was scared.

The following are actual events that occurred before, during, and after Holy Week:


Day Before I leave for my Spiritual Retreat

Davny trips and falls head first into the brick mailbox that we installed that same day! Her bump protrudes out to a magnitude I’ve only seen on cartoons. I take her to the ER. They give her a CAT Scan. She is fine!

Thank you, Jesus!

Spiritual Retreat and Palm Sunday

Some amazing events occurred, but I’ll reserve them for a future post.
Holy Week

My Twinados strike the playroom and they cause a destruction I’ve never encountered before. An F4 level of destruction. And no nap. My patience is thinning with every tantrum. Then, my neighbors come to the rescue and surprise me with an impromptu birthday celebration. Their kids entertain mine.

Praise God!

Matt and I plan to put the kids to bed early to watch Passion of the Christ as we eat dinner. We succeed in getting them in their rooms by 6:15 with a 20 minute “reading” time. Upon return, to tuck them in bed, books are torn all over the room. Strike 1.
Lights out. Matt is on the phone. Coffee table in front of the TV is set with dinner and wine is opened. Twenty minutes later I hear a blood curdling scream from Davny. Nothing out of the ordinary. I wait. Screaming continues. I go up. Gadsden says, “Dirty Blankie”. What is going on? I turn on the lights. Giant blood stain is on Davny’s bed along with a blood smeared sound machine. What the? I turn around. Davny’s head and face are covered in blood. Strike 2.
Oh my dear Lord, please be ok.  I rush her downstairs to clean off the blood. It’s from a gash on her forehead. Not deep. Not big. No stitches needed. Phew.


We conclude, by the evidence presented, that Gadsden threw the sound machine at Davny’s head. That was the end of anything but stuffed animals given to them at bedtime.
I give Davny a bath to wash off the rest of the blood. Matt is attacking the stains on the blankets and sheets in the laundry room. I assume Gadsden is with him. I hear “NO GADSDEN” from Matt. I finish up Davny’s bath and ask Matt what happened. Gadsden was playing Sommelier with our wine on the coffee table. He poured wine in our glass, but spilled some on the floor. Strike 3.

Most of it actually ended up in our glasses. Only 2 years old and he already knows how to pour wine. That’s my son!

Praise Jesus!

Easter Vigil Saturday

Matt’s family and my family arrive to witness and celebrate Matt’s full communion into the church.

Easter Sunday

Gadsden trips and hits his head on the stairs. It leaves a giant bruise and bump on his forehead. He’s fine.

Thank you, Guardian Angel!

A week of uninterrupted fun with Matt’s family in town!

Divine Mercy Sunday

Matt’s family returned to Montana yesterday. Matt left for a work trip this morning. I take the kids to the park. We explore next to a lake and hike up and down the stepped spillway. Davny wants to walk through a marshy area. I tell her no. She throws a tantrum. I proceed to carry her up the stepped spillway and back to the stroller. We are at the top. Gadsden is behind me. I set Davny down to talk to her and try to calm her down. I look back. I see Gadsden near the edge. He teeters. Oh no, Gadsden! He falls over the side…
I run and jump over the edge. It’s a 10 foot drop. Thankfully the bottom is all grass. He’s crying. I don’t know what to do. Now, Davny is near the edge crying. I have one hurt from the fall and one about to do the same and there is only one of me. I run back and forth.

A man and his wife in a nearby house witnessed the entire episode and they run to help. Gadsden isn’t really moving, but he’s crying. Please, nothing be broken. Please, not his neck. He’s not moving his neck. I’m frantic. I carry him up and lay him down next to the man. I call my neighbor. By God’s grace she is driving home with her daughter and is nearby. She arrives. Gadsden is up and moving now, but still crying. I think he is going to be ok, but I’m not sure.

We try to put our gigantic stroller in the back of her car. We can’t. She takes Davny in the stroller. I put Gadsden in the back of her car. Her daughter rides with me. We drive to my house so I can grab my purse. I put Gadsden in our car. We go to Urgent Care. It’s closed.

We go to the ER at Baylor. We wait. They do a full body examination. No bumps, no bruises, no broken bones, no signs of concussion. Nothing.

Praise the Lord!

They want to be sure, so they request a full chest X-Ray. We wait another hour. The X-Ray is done. We wait for the results. The PA does another examination to make sure he hasn’t developed any signs of concussion. Nothing. The X-Ray results are normal. Phew! We are discharged.

My saints, my angels, my Lord and my God, Thank you!
We get home. My neighbor is there. It’s late. Davny is asleep in bed. I give Gadsden milk. He doesn’t want any food. I’m talking to my neighbor. Gadsden throws up. Uh oh. That’s not good. Could he have a concussion?  We clean it up. I put him to bed and monitor him. All is well….

The next morning, I go upstairs to get the already awake kids. I smell vomit immediately when I enter the room. Oh no. Vomit is all over Gadsden and his bed.

Holy cannoli! He does have a concussion! He could have died! I don’t want to go to the ER again.

I strip the room and wash everything, including the children. Gadsden feels warm. He has a fever. It occurs to me that he could have the stomach bug that’s been going around. I text my neighbor. I make an appointment with our doctor. Neighbor comes over. We go to the doctor. He has a stomach bug. I am actually happy that he’s sick. I can handle sick.

Thank you, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!


So what do you think?  Spiritual Warfare or just random bad coincidences?


2 thoughts on “My Bout with Spiritual Warfare 

  1. I say definitely spiritual warfare! Several people in my RCIA class, including myself, had mishaps and near mishaps throughout Holy Week all the way up to a few hours before Easter Vigil. We all survived thanks to JMJ, and all of our guardian angels and saints!


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